Thursday, 31 March 2016

Scrap Thursday Part 31

It is Thursday again (I don't know where the time goes) and I am going to share a layout I made at the weekend for the We Dare You To Create challenge being held by Andy Skinner and Tracy Weinzapfel. The aim of the challenge is to create a piece of art work that incorporates both Andy's and Tracy's style which as they are so different makes for an interesting make!

The 12" x 12" layout below features photographs taken in Brisbane of Street Art.
I started by embossing standard white card with different styles of embossing folders. I then positioned and mounted my photographs on white Bazzill and cut around them leaving a tiny white border. 
The next step is to randomly cut pieces of the embossed card and place around the photographs. The placing of the card needs thought but in order to get the 'Andy' style the choice of embossed card must be used randomly.
The next stage involves lots of paint, I used a mix of Americana and DecoArt Fluid Acrylics. The first coat completely covers all the embossed card in one colour. Then in no particular order I dry brushed the other colours over the top, with some colours being used heavier than others. Once this was dry I stuck all the pieces in place around the photographs, I added tiny brads to give the effect of metal panels welded together.
I stamped a 'Totally Tracy' flower in Liquid Acrylics and filled in the image using paints from the embossing stage, I added a thin coat of crackle glaze and left it all to dry. This was later cut out along with the butterflies and positioned on the layout.
The last part was the journalling, which I prefer to handwrite even though I am not fond of my writing. It think it just gives a more personal feel to layouts.

So that's it, my joint styled scrap layout! I look forward to seeing what other people will create using the same specification.

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