Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Pen Pot

I had my eye on this pen pot for sometime but didn't know what design I wanted to do on it. I decided to go rummaging through my stamps and came upon my Octopode stamps which were the perfect size for the pot.
To give you an idea of how I created this fab pot have a look at the pics below.
I started by stamping each image onto the bisque using black Stroke and Coat glaze.
I filled in any gaps with a brush (as the pot is curved sometimes stamps won't print out in full which is not a stamp error but a user error!) Digi images can be used by transferring with clay carbon paper.
With Stroke and Coat three layers of glaze are required to get a good solid coverage.
 I love Alice
I didn't want to use red all over the dress here so used pink and red, at this stage you never know exactly what the final colours will look like together.
I spent close to six hours on this pot, I had a fabulous chilled day painting and I cannot wait until I can do another!

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