Sunday, 9 February 2014

SoSoft Baby Grow Book Cover

I wanted to make a book cover from an item of clothing as I had some fab fabric paint from DeocArt. I hit the charity shops and found a baby grow for 50p!
I chopped off the arms and legs.
I then turned the baby grow inside out and sewed down each side.
I took some card (which needs to be a good weight for a book cover) and inserted it into the baby grow from the bottom. I then hand sewed across the bottom enclosing the card.
I diluted some SoSoft with water and put it into a mister bottle. This technique is great for craft products where washing the fabric is not required, I wouldn't recommend doing this if a garment requires repeated washing as the colour fades.
This creates a fabulously delicate blended result.
I used the Eucalyptus mask from StencilGirl for a general background pattern.
I then cut off a pocket from a t shirt and used the Tornado stencil by Andy Skinner to create the feeling of a sky and then used a leaf mask from Imaginations Crafts, I finished off the leaves with a white POSCA pen. This I then attached to the baby grow to cover the tiny bear motif printed on it.
I added a pink spotted felt flower that I had edged with SoSoft, a steam punk heart that I had added some ribbon to and finished off with a butterfly that I made from shrink plastic and alcohol inks. I used the remains of the watered down SoSoft to 'dye' a piece of fabric which I knotted into a bow tie and stuck in place.
I used a mask from Crafters Workshop to create the flames adding some free hand flames to get the overall desired look. I outlined these in a fine white POSCA pen. Finally I hand painted a phoenix and edged this with black and white POSCA pens.
I thought the phoenix was a great tie in to the baby grow as both represent a new beginning, a new life.
I look forward to your comments.

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