Monday, 3 September 2012

Not just packaging

A lovely friend bought me the above gift set. Now as you can see there is a fantastic tin in the picture and I simply could not throw it away, so as I wanted to make a gift (for Jess whose card I posted last week) I decided I would alter this tin for her.
The first thing I did was to clean the tin with alcohol to remove any grease from my fingers. I then applied two coats of Gesso.
After this was dry I stuck string on with Bostick and gave it another coat of Gesso.
 I gave the can the first of two coats of paint. I used Ecogreen Crafts acrylic paint in grape.
I think highlighted the string with silver paint.
Once the leaves on the lid were painted I added clear seed beads and glued them on using PVA.
I added flowers and finally finished by sealing with gloss multi medium.

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