Friday, 15 September 2017


I made this photo frame using Fiber Paste by Golden.
Golden Fiber Paste is an opaque, viscous medium that dries to a surface similar to rough handmade paper. When dry, it has an off white colour and is very absorbent. You can give it a smoother finish either by skimming it with a wet palette knife before it dries or by applying it to a smooth plastic surface. Adding acrylic colours, watercolours or inks will give it a pastel tint. It has a sticky feel when wet but once dry, Golden Fiber Paste provides a good surface for pastels or pencils. It is very light weight and can be used in a die cutting machine or scissors.
I used paints by DecoArt adding a top coat of Golden Iridescent Pearl Coarse paint to give a sheen finish.
Finally I used Prima Resin Angels to complete my frame.

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