Friday, 8 January 2016


A belated Happy New Year to you all, I hope the holiday season was good to you and your family.
This post is coming from my phone which I have never done before so I hope it works!
I have had a small issue with my laptop over the holiday, mainly that a darling of mine decided to update to Windows 10 without first checking that everything had successfully transferred to the external hard drive! All the fab work I have worked on has poofed 😩 so please forgive me while I catch up. While I have finished things I can show you all the step by step photos are gone. However, compared to everything that is going on in the world today, this is far from a tragedy.

Back in October I signed up to Wanderlust and I have successfully completed my first page and cover! I am pretty excited about this year long project and I will be posting all my results here.
If anyone else is taking part email me your pics and I will happily add them here too.
I will be back soon xx

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