Monday 25 May 2015

Make you own....

Here is a simple way to add matching details to your scrapbook pages.
You can always buy strips of patterned card/paper when purchasing 12 x 12 scrapbook papers but when you make your own papers to find these matching your background is almost impossible.
The page above has been randomly sprayed using Dylusions sprays.
To make a matching border I used Faber Castelle Big Brush pens which are great used as a normal pen but also great to water down to use as a wash.
Cut a 12" strip of smooth card and add the wash of your choice.
Using a ruler draw a straight line to initially work to, this stops patterns sloping up or down! 
I used a POSCA pen to draw my design on, don't worry if your design is not perfectly symmetrical or spaced out, after all this is handmade and as in nature that means not always 'perfect'
Continue adding your design.
Once you have finished your design cut it to shape if necessary.
This is now ready to use and matches your background beautifully.
Making your own embellishments to match too is also fun, here I have stamped on self adhesive canvas and used the Big Brush Pens to colour match.
You now have tailor made original add ons for your pages. If you know what colours you intend to use in future pages you could make some in advance so they are dry and ready to use when required.

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