Saturday, 17 January 2015

Aboriginal Inspiration

While I was away in Australia I fell in love with the Aboriginal art that I saw whilst traveling and decided it was something I was going to use on my return in my crafting. There are lots of traditional rules that govern the making of the art (more information can be found HERE) and they give a real insight into the way the indigenous people of Australia live.

I got stuck in straight away and made the above ceramic tile as a test piece. I am so pleased with the result as the general rule is that the dark glazes can go over light but not the other way round. Pip at Glazed Creations held my hand and explained that it could be done but it would result in a raised surface and not a smooth flat one that this usually achieved when painting bisque.

My next step will be to try an art journal and scrapbook page using the dot technique, patience is going to be the answer especially with a 12 x 12 page!
I will post any samples here to show my progress, even the ones I'm not happy with as these are just as important as the good ones.
More examples can by found by searching 'Aboriginal art' into Google.

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  1. Hey my friend, even when I visited Australia last year with my fiancé I was touched after seeing Aboriginal Art paintings. I had never seen before this type of art. All paintings that were in exhibition were amazing and I had bought three for my home. I would love to visit there again.