Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Vintage Layout

I have made the above layout for a workshop class on Family History. Nowadays we take for granted photographs with unlimited quantities and sizes but in the past this has not been the case so its important when creating a vintage layout that there are other things going on in a layout but not creating a page that is so busy it over powers the photograph/s. 
The other detail we need to remember is the size of photographs. The photos I have from the 1930's are tiny approx 2" x 3" and only having a couple can make them difficult to scrap without them getting lost on a page.
The wartime photos I have of my Granddad, Uncle and Dad were all made into postcards which in some ways has helped preserve them as they are on a thicker paper.
For me the most important thing about heritage (and baby) layouts is that the photographs are the main focus and that decorations and embellishments are kept to a minimum.

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