Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Glazed Creations - Results and Second Class

This is the result of my first session at Glazed Creations. The results concluding that 3 coats of glaze on naked bisque is the best result, the sponging affect with one coat produces a great background, the green and purple brush stroke back ground are a bit streaky so I need to develop and practice this technique! The main lesson, however, being that painting light on dark doesn't work as can clearly be seen!
The second session we tackled single brush strokes on mugs. The photos below show the steps we took and the finished result.
We rolled the glaze to cover the inside of the mug.
We left the mug to drain on kitchen roll.
Using two colours of glaze we practiced petal strokes.
Once happy we had got the hand of the petals we took to our mugs!
Adding the flower centers by dabbing with a brush.

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