Sunday, 16 February 2014


Picking up on a question on UK Scrappers here are the Gelato samples with a brief description of the technique used.
Dry stipple through a mask.
 Gelato background smudged with baby wipe and stamped over.
 Dry stipple with a stamp (supplied in some of the 4 stick packs packs)
 Dot dabbers supplies in some of the 4 stick packs.
 Rough chalking over card, then stamped with Versa Fine and finally a mask put on top and rubbed over with a baby wipe. See below for another sample of the same technique.
 Embossed card with pinks range and outer edges one with black smudged over and one with white smudged over.
 Gelatos put through a mask using a palette knife, this requires a little drying or curing time.
 Stipple on pearl card, results are a very soft overall effect.
 Gelatos background with a mask placed over the top and then a baby wipe used to remove the design.
 Gelatos on black card using white as a blender.
 This shows the effect with blended with water. A soft paint effect.
 This shows Grunge paste mixed with Gelato and put through a mask.

As well as dry stippling you can also wet stipple which has a watery look. Gelatos can be used over heat embossed images producing a resist effect. What I haven't got a sample of here is a stamped image that has been spritzed, which is very effective ( I will try and pop one on tomorrow)

I hope this helps and gives you an idea of what Gelatos can be used for, I have a layout scheduled for posting on March 1st which uses stamped and spritzed 
Gelatos so maybe pop back then.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes go for it! Crafting Time sell them for £8.99 for a pack of 4 which is super value.

  2. These look really fun, thank you for sharing!
    They're defo that in between a pastel and a paint. I do want to try out the one you've done at the bottom, mixing it with a medium to make like a thicker paint.
    x Leo