Thursday, 20 June 2013


I always ask people where they get their inspiration from for their crafting ideas, there are varied answers so I thought I would share some of the things that inspire me.
The graphic above is the type of image that gets my brain working, I love colour and love looking at the way people put colours together.
I find Facebook and Pinterest full of ideas, imagine wearing the shoes above!
As for these stunning cakes, I can only dream of making something like these.
I spend a fair amount of time looking at tattoos as well, the one above is simply stunning but I am not daring enough to have this piece of art tattooed on me!
Steampunk is a very popular subject for tattoos.
This is amazing, some fantastic detail. I hope you have been inspired by these images above.


  1. I don't care for tattoos myself. I like this artwork but I imagine it was painful having it done.
    Mama Bear

  2. i can see the an eye in that tatoo... scares me!! awesome!!!