Thursday, 27 June 2013

Felt Hanging

I have always loved felt from being a young child when I used to play with Fuzzy Felt. I remember my favourite was a ballet set with dancers in various poses and lots of tutus to dress them in.
My association with felt may be a little bit different nowadays (although I am heading off to eBay to see is Fuzzy Felt is still made, once I have finished this post!)
The hanging above I made using Merino wool and it is the first piece where I made all the felt myself. All but the flower center was made using the wet technique, the flower center was made using the dry technique. As a size guide the yellow felt is stretched over a beer mat. I added silk fibers to complete this project.
Well I headed off to eBay and found the exact set that I had! I would love to have this, I'm just wondering how I will explain this purchase to Mr Rum!

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  1. I'm inspired. I am hoping to get into felting myself.