Sunday, 7 October 2012

I'm back but......

Well I am back from a lovely holiday in France, taking in Monet's Garden which if you haven't been to I would highly recommend. Below is the stunning Water Garden which featured many times in his paintings.
On arrival at Calais I received a text message from my 20 year old son to say 'DONT WORRY but I am in hospital with a fractured ankle!' Apparently this exercise thing people keep banging on about can actually be quite dangerous (which is why I avoid it at all costs), anyway he had gone running in the woods/fields and slipped over and fractured his ankle. Luckily a farmer found him and helped him to the main road for the ambulance to collect him. He is currently waiting for an operation to put a metal plate in to get things back to normal. So I am now in a spin as you can imagine as is my washing machine!!
My nephew and his beautiful wife, who have been here travelling in the UK and mainland Europe for the last ten months joined us in France and are staying with us for their last week before going home to Australia. So all in all a busy week ahead and all I really want to do is get into my craft room and get scrapbooking, I think that may have to wait a little while!

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