Tuesday, 14 August 2012

This Is Your Captain Speaking!

My son has almost completed his commercial airline pilot training, so I thought I had better shake my butt and make a suitable card.
The problem I had was I wanted an image of a pilot but I couldnt see a stamp that I liked, so I decided to do a search on eBay and see what I found. I found a great image, however, it was in the form of a decopage sheet which I have to say is not really my thing (I struggle with being neat and tidy!), but I decided to give it a go anyway. Below is a step by step photographic account of what I did, I used some stamps by Sir Tim too.


  1. Hello Helen

    I stumbled across your blog. Always a pleasure seeing another crafter getting pleasure from what they do.

    I can see how you put the card together, quite enlightening.

    I sometimes make my own Christmas cards, I make lino cuts and print them on my old hand press

    Im'e a gilder and use gold leaf and imitation gold leaf rather a lot.

    Have you thought of gilding onto paper?

    It's really quite easy to gild onto paper, there are now modern gold sizes that are simple to use, and there are various ways to create antique and distressed finishes as well., like the crackle glaze and antique glaze.

    If you have a moment, pop over to my site, there is quite a lot about gilding onto paper, in particular there is an old bookbinders recipe which you can use to make really authentic looking imitation vellums and parchment papers from ordinary papers.

    Good luck to us all.


  2. lovely card and I especially love the background paper you made. Fab! xx