Saturday, 20 August 2011

Beading Buddies

I have recently ventured into beading and joined a local group called Budding Beaders. So far I have finished two projects and I am in the middle of another.
I have started off with seed beads as the intricate designs possible are amazing (not sure I will ever get to them but I am living in hope!)
Below you can see what Ive managed so far, feel free to comment Im open for any suggestions!


  1. Hi Helen! These are just lovely....I love the one in the middle.
    Not tried beading yet, but hope to give it a try....looks like you made a good start!

  2. Love your stuff....thanks for sharing! The green one with the flowers remind me of a lei.

  3. I love the one with the tiny flowers!...I do a little bit of beading myself, with crochet creations as my focal of course. Those seed beads can be time consuming and aggravating if you're not in the right state of mind going in...So, stay in the right state of mind! And enjoy! :-]

  4. I like wrapping thin wire around sea glass and incorporating it into necklaces. your creations are lovely. The blue one looks complicated.

  5. Wow. If these are your first try's. love the yellow flower necklace. I have made a few bits and pieces but have yet to get my head round seed beads.
    Hugs Mrs A.