Monday, 14 February 2011

Beautiful Butterflies & MMOM

Here are some beautiful butterflies made by Jenn (My Lavender Ave) and her children on a very cold and snowy day for The Butterfly Project

1. Did you get any Valentine's Gifts?
Yes, perfume (Paris), flowers, chocolate and a cheeky card!

2. What is your favorite topping on something toasted?
Cream cheese and smoked salmon, especially on toasted bagels

3. Do you pick out your outfit the night before?
If it is somewhere special then yes.

4. What food item do you absolutely despise?
Hearts and pigs trotters, yuk!
5. Righty or lefty?
Right handed


  1. I love butterflies!
    Enjoyed your answers.
    Pig trotters? Pigs feet?
    I eat a lot of strange things,
    but could never eat pig trotters.

  2. Cannot imagine eating at all!! The pictures alone made me go bleck!!

  3. Hearts & pigs trotters. I have to admit I have never tried either of those and I am not sure that I ever want to.

  4. My yucky food was liver. i didn't even consider heart and tongue or brains as something edible.