Thursday, 4 November 2010

Unnerving Experience

Had a strange experience last night and it made me realise just how easily people could get taken in with some odd people out there.

I play scrabble online via Facebook and for those of you who aren't aware it is a live game in real time. Some people like to chat while they play, others don't and depending on how I am feeling I fall into both categories.

I begun a game with a chap called James and before long we were chatting and swapping info eg age, status, location etc and as the game went on I started to feel a little uneasy and tried to move the conversation round to a more general chat. He then said I have found you on FB and have added you as a friend! I was so glad when the game finished I said no to replay and deleted the 'friend' request.

I realised that it would have been easy to have accepted his request and goodness knows what it might have led to (thinking of the Vanessa George case) I think it will be a while before I chat again!

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