Monday, 1 November 2010

New Week

Back to work after half term today, got home knackered decided to have a nap before Slimming World and woke up at half seven OMG I should be in group! Almost fell over getting dressed as I was in such a hurry but recovered and managed to get there in one piece and I was glad that I went as I lost 2 pounds this week :) making a total loss of 17 pounds I celebrated by having a curly wurly and a kitkat.  It was a busy group tonight but as always very useful.

Getting my hair cut tomorrow and hopefully coloured by the girls at college on Wednesday, need to look good for Friday as Ken and I are off to the O2 to see Peter Kay, I am really excited he is soo funny.
Off to scrap club on Thursday it will be good to catch up with all the girls, I cannot believe it is two weeks already time just flies.

Anyway got to go and get sorted (Hawkins Bazar catalogue arrived today - all those 'things' that look great  but that you don't need but have the erge to buy anyway!)

                                   My pumpkin for Halloween!

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