Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Mikaela's Book

A friends daughter is having a baby in January and I made this 6" x 6" book for her. As you can see the pages are simple as the focus will be the baby. There are 40 pages in total so there is plenty of scope for varying colours. I think this is an ideal gift for  new parents as there is not much time in the beginning for making this type of item! The cot I made will be their card, I will put the babies details on the end of the cot (I managed to find a tiny china baby as a perfect addition) I did not use a tempplate for the cot but they are available for between £4 - £6, hope you like it x
I managed to download and print off the baby scan from Facebook and this is the first page in the book.


  1. Beautiful work! I wish I had more patience for scrapbooking. I always get so frustrated with myself trying to come up with ideas.

    Thanks for stopping by! I'm following you back.


  2. That book is beautiful & how clever are you to make that cot without a template!


  3. Very cute. What a thoughtful gift. Thanks for stopping by Grams Made It.

  4. I really must get back to scrap booking this is just adorable!