Friday, 5 November 2010

A Different Passion but still Crafty!

As if I haven't got enough to do with Christmas 50 days away, I have taken up my love of all things miniature in the way of dolls houses.

My dad made me my first house when I was about 4, this is now in the roof as it is too big for the spare room (too much craft stuff in the way!)
About 7 years ago Tom bought me for mothers day an antique shop that is wall mountable and as I was busy at the time I left it in the box promising I would 'get to it' soon. Two weeks ago I decided it had been in there long enough and pulled it out of the box! Then as I am putting finishing touches to it, I stumble(!) upon a farm shop with my name on it! The picture below is what it looks like now and I will post updates so you can see the progress I make.


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