Thursday, 28 October 2010

I have got so much to do I just do not know where to start! My laptop arrived this week but it hasn't helped me because all I want to do is look at crafting blogs and some of the blogs have such amazing ideas my brain is in a whirl!
I am spending tomorrow with a very good friend of mine tomorrow and we will be crafting all day which means I need to 'get off my butt' and go and do some food shopping today, this is a task I find such a yawn but I dont like the idea of online food shopping especially as I am eating the Slimming World way.
Tom will be off soon another Duke of Edinburgh trip but now as a member of staff. He is off to Derbyshire for the next four days (4 days in a tent at this time of the year??? and out of choice too, completely nuts) So Ken and I will have a very quiet weekend ahead, I hope we can get to Bottisham college to see the amazing sculputre that has recently been installed in the grounds, I will post photos as I think this is a stunning piece of work and I intend to use the images to make a book with.
Better sign off now or else I will be in trouble!

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