Monday, 21 December 2009

Well That's is Folks! or so they say, my last day has come and gone but it was a snow day so I didn't get to say goodbye properly to everyone.
I had a week of mixed feelings and things got to me on Wednesday in assembley when the children presented with a fantastic card that they had made. I know I will miss them but I am now looking forward to the new that lies ahead..... teenagers!

I had a fab Christmas meal out with the Slimming Worlds girls (and Kev) on Wednesday night, tonight is presentation evening at cadets, tomorrow I am off to 'By Jove' in Burwell (a tearoom with lovely cakes) and I am popping into Capture the Magic in Soham too (sorry Pina, Mandy just having a little look!)I am borrowing the Honda Honey and taking Shaz, Mary and Lea along for the ride too. That then takes me to Wednesday when I will have my hair done and get the Christmas shop all ready for our 'Open House' Christmas Eve. Ken's mum is joining us Tuesday for a few days and before I know it it will be January 4th and back to work, so until then hope you all have a good Christmas and new year x

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  1. Crumbs you have got a packed few days. Mind you I still have presents to buy and food shopping also. Looks like that will be done evenings as we are chocca with work. roll on christmas eve, business Phone is going to have a volume switched off. and no work for us until the 4th. so looking forward to it.
    Have a fab christmas hun. sure to see ya at the shop. by the way there is another craft shop in same place as capture magic, calico crafts. oppps sorry pina n mandy, just had to tell her soo she could have a nose. but I found one to cluttered. but lots and lots of papers. the other had lots of cubbie holes.